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Interview with the Author of "Falling Into Paradise" - Kamy Chetty!

First, I want to thank all of you for spending the time to drop by to get to know Kamy a little, as well as her book, Falling Into Paradise!

Also, a huge thanks to Kamy for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and answer a few questions! :)

So, without further adou, here are the answers to your questions!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a nurse who has always been a bit of a drama queen, hence the current status of published author. I am married to my best friend and soul mate and I have two children.


Sounds like you've been busy! When did you begin writing?

I have been writing all my life. I started in primary school and by middle school I was writing my first love story, so that was a clue that romance was my genre.


That must have been wonderful to find your niche so early. I wish that was always the case! :) Have you ever been discouraged in regard to your writing ability and if so, how did you get past it and move forward?

Yes- I have. With my debut book I had a full request as a result of having won a pitch contest and when I sent it in, the editor of that publishing house wrote back and said, she didn’t like it and it was wrong for them. I got down at first, as you do and then I thought- well, so what? That was one editor in one Publishing house, so I got on my computer and sent it out to an entire list of publishers. I had three offers to publish. The lesson I learnt was to never give up and always believe in myself.


Good for you! I know how much our fragile egos hate the rejection and the nay-sayers, but let me tell you, your fans are happy you didn't give up! So, now that you've gotten through that rough patch, what's your favorite thing about writing?

The characters and worlds and places they take me. It’s the emotional journey that I find the most satisfying and even though you might think that I am the writer so I can do what I want in the scenes, it doesn’t always work that way. This book was fun and different to write but I totally enjoyed it.


I know everyone has a process, and it's always different. What is your writing style? Do you like to outline or just write as you go?

I used to always think that being a plotter would cramp my style but I now realize that I have to be a little bit of a plotter and a pantser. So I am an organic writer. I will know where I want to go and I know my character arcs and the what I want to achieve but how I get there is sometimes a surprise.


Haha. Been there and done that! Personally, I hate outlines, so kudos to you for having the discipline to be more organized than me! LOL. So, you have the planning done and now it's time to sit down and write the next great best seller! Do you have a favorite spot where you like to write?

Yes. Because of the deadlines and having to write the way I do, I have an office and my own space. I have story boards and candles, salt lamps, music and everything that I think I might need- even a view. And of course a definite must is the poster of the hot guy on the wall- for inspirationJ


Jealous! I wish I had even a small space to carve out in my tiny apartment that I could call my own! Maybe someday. What makes me doubly jealous is you have kids as well and can manage! Now, I know we all have those stories in us, that take us forever to write and are like our children. But no matter how much love we pour into them, it's just not right. What is something you've written that will never see the light of day?

You’re seriously going to ask that? Okay I have written some really bad poetry when I was in high school. I mean really tacky, soppy stuff that I don’t even have because I wanted it gone. If my daughter reads this- I am dead- but I even wrote some lyrics once- and I tried to sing it- it was so uncool. My girl plays guitar really well- so she will be mortified if she finds out!


Hehe. Yeah, I've been there too.... So moving on... What is your writer food?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. I made- yes you got that right- I made my family get me an esspresso machine for mother’s day and now I’m addicted.


Coffee makes me hyper and unable to concentrate, but I do love me a frozen mocha or frozen cappachino from Starbucks! What's the hardest thing about writing for you?

Editing. To be honest writing the book is not too bad. I find the editing really hard. You go through it like you’re looking at every bit of writing and making sure it works and the language is just right and you’re layering and doing all these neat tricks. It’s not easy. It’s hard work and by the end of it, you don’t even want to look at the book. But then months later you pick it up and have a read and think- wow- did I write that?


Ugh... YES! Editing is the bane of my existance! I know it's a necessary evil. Now, don't get me wrong - I lvoe editing, just not MY own things! I can chop and be objective as the next person when it comes to other people. But with my stuff, it's like chopping off my own arm to delete and re-write things. But, writing is re-writing... And to get to the level of those we admire, we go to great lengths, I suppose! So what, or who, inspires you to write?

I get ideas from everywhere but if I need to get in the mood to write then I need my music, I need my space and to get in the zone. Inspiration is all around us all we need to do is listen.


How many books have you written and which is your favorite?

I would have written about six books by now. Two accepted for publishing, one sitting with a publisher. My favourite is the one coming out in June. It’s a medical set in the USA about an ex marine. I love men in uniform. The best thing customs NZ could have done was put their men in uniform- I could look at my man for hours! But Breathe Again is highly emotional and I absolutely loved it.


We will have to keep readers updated on it's status and release date! What are some of your favorite books?

I absolutely love Nalini Singh’s Psy Changeling series, I’m reading one of the books now. I like medical romance, so Mills and Boon, Desire, I like Romance Fiction, Paranormal. Actually anything with a great plot will grab my attention.


Seems like we have some of the same tastes! What authors do you like to read? I love Nalini Singh, Maya Banks, Amy Andrews. I just read Karen Robards and really liked her. Kim Harrison, Stepenie Meyer, Jodi Piccoult, Brenda Novak, Carla Cassidy


Ooo! I really like some of those you named! What inspired you to write Falling Into Paradise?

I had quit my full time job to pursue my writing career and I had given myself a goal to get published before my birthday. Then I entered a pitch contest and they were asking for Christmas themed stories so I entered and won. That’s how it came to be. I won the pitch contest and in a mad rush to submit the book to the publisher finished it in three weeks. It started out as a medical and turned into a thriller.


Wow, that was gutsy! I wish I could quit my day job to focus on writing. Maybe someday! If you could choose a dream cast for Falling Into Paradise, who would you pick?

Ian Somerhalder is Damon Watson and Katherine Heigl is Sophie


Lordy, I love Ian and Katherine! Would you say you relate to any of your characters? If so, which one and why?

I’m not sure I do, but if I had to then I would be as strong as Sophie. I see her as a strong character who has had a lot to deal with and she has overcome it all and to me kudus for that. I’d like to think I could be like that.



This or That Questions...

Sweet or Salty? Depends on my mood- sometimes sweet and most times salty

Naughty or nice? Always naughty- I am known for never behaving myself and that’s the way I like it

Cats or dogs? Dogs for sure- I have two- Zoe is a Jack Russel and JayJay is a Fox Terrier with ADHD- I try and slip him some of my Prozac when I remember to fill my prescription(just kidding) but he does have ADHD

Vanilla or chocolate?  Chocolate all the way!


If you were deserted on an island, which author would you want to be stranded with?

Do I only get one? Then it would have to be...mmm.. well Stephen King. He’d have to protect me, right? Well the man is brilliant so I’d love to know how he does it!


Falling Into Paradise

Dr Death in Paradise Falls. Sophie Richmond claims innocence, but evidence states otherwise. Does the expunged juvenile record tell the truth...’


Damon Watson was happy to let the hospital investigators deal with the case of ‘Dr Death’, he didn’t need reminders of the past. The mother of the Montgomery baby was his first love. So he was not on their most-liked list. So when the tabloids see fit to crucify Sophie Richmond, Damon intervenes.

Deeply hurt by the past Sophie trusts no one and keeps to herself. Unfortunately her solitude makes people suspect her of malevolence, forcing her to flee and prove her innocence.

With nowhere to go and no one to trust she is forced to put her faith in Damon, the sheriff of Paradise Falls (fictional town). A man she always thought was too cute for his own damn good and too flippant to be useful. Their attraction burns hotter than the heat wave sweeping the State of Georgia, and they’re both forced into situations testing them in the most arduous way.

Despite having his own agenda, Damon continues to help Sophie hoping to reveal a few skeletons in the Montgomery’s cupboards. The time he spends with Sophie makes him realise the past doesn’t seem as important anymore but if Sophie knows the whole truth about his relationship with the prominent Georgia family, she will never trust him. When Sophie gets her chance to prove her innocence in a sting operation, she learns to trust again falling for Damon. Together they find their happily ever after.
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