Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crazy Holiday Morning

So, today is a crazy day!

I didn't get on yesterday due to working (real job not writing job) and prepping for holdiay fiascos, I mean, gatherings. I wan't on the computer AT ALL. And I hated it.

I was shocked to see I had missed over 220 page views to my blog in ONE DAY! :o

A big thank you to Morgan Kelley for sending me some followers who actually talk. ;) hehe. Keep 'em coming Morgan.

So the kids are now fighting over their toys (more toys than candy because they don't need it and really, they don't eat much candy - especially chocolate). They did eat some Peeps and chocolate covered marshmellows however this morning for breakfast...

My sister is sick, so unfortunately I think she will be down and out for dinner this afternoon (yes, I know lunch is supposed to be in the afternoon... her timing, not mine... as we are all going to be hungry again come actual dinner time)! She's still gonna grace us with her presence though. :)

Honey is off working. Craziness. I'm wondering if the hair salon is actually open today, because I'm in the mood for a haircut... lol. (Random, I know. But that's what you get with me.) ;)

Happy Easter everyone. Don't kill your loved ones this holiday weekend. Please, if you must, wait until The Devil Knows has been released (in a day or two!) and you've already purchased it. ;)


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