Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Tour Info: Bad Apple by Barbara Morgenroth

I know it's Tuesday and not Thursday. Therefore we should be having Tuesday's Weekly Musings today!

But, we are going to have a special treat and have a Tuesday Quencher! ;) You can still find our regularly scheduled Thirsty Thursday Quencher on 3/21 with Anthony Price's The House of Wood!

Are you looking to finding something new to read? Then I suggest Bad Apple by Barbara Morgenroth! Need something more convinving before you sink your teeth into the pages?

Then look no further! Library at the End of the Universe is proud to present the Bad Apple Blog Tour!

Below you will find the dates and links to the blogs hosting the first of the Bad Apple trilogy!

So, if you don't want to take my word on how awesome this book is, then I'm sure you'll take the word of the 24 Amazon reviewers which left Bad Apple with a glowing 4.3 stars, right?

No, still not convinced...

Well, then you can check out the reviews and spotlights on the following blogs!

3/18 Rambling Voices In My Head
3/19 Library at the End of the Universe
3/20 Krystal Clear Book Reviews
3/21 As You Wish...
3/22 Out of control characters
3/23 Mythical Books
3/24 Raven Reviews
3/25 Lynn's Read&Reviews
3/28 Recent Reads
3/29 Ever and Ever Sight

Convinced now?

Well, you should be! Go grab your copy of Bad Apple now for Kindle!

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