Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love on a Killer Cruise ~A.N. Busch

   Happy Birthday to Sarah! Turning twenty-six and divorcing Brandon – her high school sweetheart – on the same day. With all of her plans for the future out the window, she tries her best to be content in a small apartment with her two cats.
   As the months go by her best friends, Tanya and Jenny, start setting her up on blind dates. After enough bad experiences Sarah refuses to let either of them pick a man for her again. When Jenny sees an ad from a local travel agency – a chance to win a ten-day trip on a single’s cruise – without thinking, or asking, she enters Sarah's name. Now Sarah is the winner of something she doesn’t want. With an enormous amount of pressure from her friends to go and nothing to lose, she packs her bags.
   The night of her twenty-seventh Birthday she meets Gabriel, a man she learns has as much baggage as she does. They make a promise to help each other let go of the past and it doesn’t take long before she lets him into her bed and her heart. Women start showing up dead, sad accidents may be to blame but Sarah finds out that some of the crew doesn’t think that is the case. The scary part is that they bare a striking resemblance to her. Sarah really gets worried when she is the person to uncover the third body and it is defiantly no accident after the security camera recording is looked at.
   The number of dead women keeps rising and to make matters worse the ship has stopped moving – broken-down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Every time a woman is murdered Gabriel’s whereabouts are in question. Sarah finds herself hopelessly lost at sea with a killer. She doesn’t want to believe it but could it be the man she has fallen madly in love with is a killer? Could she be the next to die?

Excerpt From Love on a Killer Cruise:
As if the pain in my head wasn't enough, my eyes popped open as I felt a sharp pain on my face along with a loud noise. My vision was blurred to the point that all I could see was that I was in a dimly lit room and there was a black figure in front of me. It was squatting over me, and although it was only inches away, the figures face was hidden in the shadow of a large hood over their head.
“So, I finally got you my little whore.” The voice was raspy and deep. I knew for sure it was a man and that he was trying to disguise his voice.
He held a gun in front of my face; like the one that had been in my bag. “You thought this would protect you from me? You didn’t think I knew you had it?” He tossed the gun onto my lap and then held out his hands. “There you go, take your best shot at me.” Hysterically laughter filled the air. “Shoot me.”
Gathering all my strength I asked, “Who are you?”
“Oh, don’t act like you didn’t know. I was on your little list.”
My list? “How…”
“You didn’t think I knew about this?” He reached behind his back and pulled out my notebook. “Come on, let’s not play this game. I have more fun ones in mind.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” I begged.
He sat down next to me, careful to keep his face in the shadow. “Who, how, why,” He mocked, in a whinny voice. “Such a whinny little whore! So many questions, yet you won’t answer mine. You know who I am Sarah. Guess!”
Every time I tried to think of one thing too long it hurt. The pain flared up in my head again and everything went black.
The shadowed man smacked me awake again, this time it was hard, making my head snap back and bang against some hard surface. “You stupid whore! You still think you are too good for me don’t you? Such a teasing whore to some men but you spread your legs for the pretty boy, and led another man on at the same time. But, me? Oh, you reject me! Looked at me as though I was some pathetic specimen of a man! That is why you are here. That is why you have to die!”


   A.N. Busch was born in Huntington, West Virginia and is currently a stay at home mother of three in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. Growing up with a love of reading; she set out in 2008 to write a novel of her own, Tempting Fate, which she self-published in 2012.

   When she is not writing or reading she can be found gardening, canning, crocheting, or taking on a new craft project.

   She is currently writing The Seven Saviors, a YA novella series, as well as two other Romance novels, and has plans for a series of Mystery Novels.

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