Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eternal ~ Contest


I need a little help with my Eternal series.

Comment on what you think Sebastian should be the god of. I will choose which one I like best, as well as which will fit the books and short stories the best. The winner will receive a FREE ebook of Eternal Beginnings when it's done (only three chapters left to write and some editing)!

Background on Sebastian:

Sebastian is the son of Katricne, the goddess of time (who is responsible for time of death - she predetermines when someone is destined to die - but not how or why) and Tobias, the King of Vampires. He has a twin sister Maya, who is the goddess of the unholy.

He has high morals and has never killed an innocent in all his 2000+ years. Sebastian has the role of he enforcer on The Council, which is responsible for keeping demons in line so that they remain in the shadows to be nothing more than a myth to humanity.

Sebastian is the focus of the third book, Eternal Chance, so I've provided the cover so you can have a visual!

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