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Book Review of Once Upon A Nightmare by Lee Moylan

A book review by Reviews by Lynn

On the night of October thirteenth, the Hunter's Moon descended upon the quiet town of White Chapel. As Sara Bishop drifted off to sleep under its soft illumination, the full moon seemed to have brought with it something far more sinister than a warm glow.

At once, the nightmare started. But this wasn't any ordinary nightmare… This one seemed real ─ as if she could smell it, feel it, taste it. It was one of those dreams ─ one that awakened her witch-like sense ─ a harbinger of heartbreak and now, horror.

Together with Rebecca Parker, the only other person who understood her gift, someone who had experienced her own strange senses, Sara hoped to come to terms with this ominous nightmare. But her closest friend and next door neighbor was no where to be found ─ not since the night of October thirteenth.

And so it begins. With little help from her skeptical husband or local police, Sara finds herself virtually alone as her grisly dreams crawl from the darkness to become a sick and twisted reality ─ a reality where she has become the ultimate desire of a sadistic serial killer.

As images of death, phantoms and shadows surround Sara in this Halloween season, she needs to listen to the whispers in her mind, use her gift, to unmask those around her, for one of them is the man from her nightmare. And he sees her when she's sleeping… He knows when she's awake.

When the next full moon descends upon White Chapel, he will reveal himself to her. And under its silvery glow, a new nightmare will be born. Will Sara Bishop have to experience death itself to stop this killer? Or will her nightmare never end?

Review 6******

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

OMG! This is a fantastic thriller/horror! I LOVED it!

Sara Bishop is a fantastic character. She is feisty, courageous and quite possibly a witch/psychic. When she has a nightmare on the night of October the 13th, little does she know how much her life will change, and that the real nightmare has just begun.

To be honest, I'm not sure where to start. This book took my breath away! I was completely gripped from the first page! I couldn't put it down, and read it in one sitting until the early hours of the morning.

There are several points of view from various characters, which gave a movie type feel to the story. The suspense and threat was palpable, and gave me the chills! The killer is seriously depraved, masochistic and down right creepy! He makes Jack the Ripper and all other serial killers pale in comparison! There are a few red herrings that lead you down certain paths, and has you (as the reader) suspecting everyone. These scenes are very well written. As this is a horror, there are scenes that are extremely disturbing and graphic. I found myself reading these scenes with a mixture of disgust and fascination. I can most definitely say that this book is not for the faint of heart!

When I found out who the killer was, I was completely thrown!

The ending of the book has left chills down my back, and makes me wonder if the author has a second book planned.

Lee Moylan has written a fast paced, down-right scary, horror story that wouldn't let me go! I'm adding this author onto my favourite horror writers list. Due to the extremely disturbing scenes, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. However, if you love fantastic thrillers or horror novels, I very highly recommend this book.

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