Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blind Dating Tour Stop - This or That

The Cavanaugh Connection got down to the nitty gritty with Kerry Taylor to find out some personal preferences. ;)
1. Pepsi or Coke? Coke
2. Soda or Juice? Juice
3. Pulp or No Pulp? Pulp
4. Rock or Rap? Rap
5. Hip Hop or R&B? R&B
6. Tv or Movies? Movies
7. Scary or Comedy? Comedy
8. Books or Magazines? Magazines
9. Night or Morning? Morning
10. Kisses or Hugs? Kisses
11. Bicycle or Motorcycle? Bicycle
12. Up or Down? Up
13. Noise or Silence? Noise
14. Run or Walk? Run
15. Burger King or McDonald's? Mcdonald's
16. Apples or Bananas? Bananas
17. Mexican or Italian Food? Mexican
18. Winter or Summer? Summer
19. Spring or Fall? Spring
20. Chicken or Beef? Chicken
About Blind Dating:

A light-hearted, funny romantic comedy - perfect for fans of Hilary Boyd, Christina Lauren, Lindsey Kelk, Deborah Cooke, Claire Cross, and Jill Mansell.
When mid-forties, divorced, single-mother-of-three, Kimberly, realizes her own mother has more of a life than she does, she decides to do something about it. Encouraged by success stories from people at work, she joins a dating chat room, ICQ, which starts to rock her world.

All of a sudden she’s a swinging single, online, with extreme dates, a little dirty talk, and a sense of her new, sexy self— until that fateful moment when her long-time chat-room buddy, LonelySingle, wants to meet.

"Are you trying to find a man on Facelook?" her Mom questions, after years of being told it is Facebook!

What if he doesn’t like her?

What if she doesn’t like him?

These are the thoughts, inside her head. Until they meet and realise, that they have been friends offline aswell as online!

What happens next?

A light-hearted, romantic comedy about a single mom finding true love, which was right before her eyes.

About the Author:

A single mom of three living in Madrid, Kerry Taylor has been through many tugs-of-war in her life – from being stalked and abused to separated from her estranged husband – all while expressing her life through writing in different forms.
She has released a series of autobiographies in the form of short stories and poetry: Stones of My Heart, Life’s Pebbles, Emotional Rollercoaster of a Single Mom, and Gravels of Moments.
Get your copy today via the links below!

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