Monday, April 22, 2013

Just How Does the Devil Know?

Hi Everyone!

I'm K.C. Cavanaugh and I hope that if you've already purchased The Devil Knows, that you liked it. If you haven't gotten a hold of your own copy yet, I urge you to do so! (For those who purchased upon it's original release in February, there is a new edition available.)

Every book has it's critics, and TDK is not immune. However, I push aside the naysayers due to several reasons. The first and foremost being the fact that this wasn't originally something that I ever planned on being released. It all started as a form of self-therapy after a friend was diagnosed with cancer.

It was horrible! She is the last person that deserves something like this. Her family is wonderful and they are all lucky to have each other.

The news devestated me. While we live almost two hours apart, look forward to the one or two visits every year that we share. I began to wonder how many more visits we would have together, and it was all so.... unfair.

Then my mind started to wander, and my hand began to write. At first it was just a scene about a best friend being totally unglued over the news about her friend. Unfortunately, I didn't have much to go on at this point because my friend was still having tests and things done, so we didn't have any real answers. Once I found out the extent of the cancer, the writing began to come even more furiously.

It was the only way I really knew how to express what I felt inside. She deserved her 'happily ever after' and not have her life cut short over something as senseless as cancer.

While my friend is thankfully not paralyzed by the disease attacking her body, and she is currently responding well to treatment, much of what Anya faces is what my friend had to go through. Tests, diagnosis, treatmeant, etc. I am happy to say that they have now found the origin of her cancer and she may still have a few years of responding well to her current course of treatment. Eventually though, it will begin to lose effectiveness and they will need to try something else, something more aggressive like chemotherapy.

So, no matter what your struggle is in life, don't give up. People trudge through this life with disease, loss, and you would never know it. Be one of the people who don't let what they have define them; be someone who lets what they do define them. At the end of the day, you can't sell your soul, and you have to make the most of your life and the situation that you are in.

A portion of all royalties will be donated to help fight breast cancer, especially for treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer for those with dense breast tissue.

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About the Author

K.C. grew up in a small town in Northeastern PA, she still lives close to her hometown, remaining close with her friends and family. She has been writing since a young age, and always wanted to be a writer. Before now, she focused on poetry and short stories. The Devil Knows is her debut novel, and was written after K.C. found out that a family friend was diagnosed with cancer.

With lots of projects in the works, she is hoping to release her second novel this summer. In the near future, you will be able to find her YA apocalyptic End of Days trilogy, her Eternal Trilogy (with a few additional shorts), and two YA paranormal mysteries!

You can see the latest news on K.C. and stay up to date on release dates via her Twitter @cavanaugh_kc, Facebook page, and you can add her as a friend at, or follow her blog at Her official website is


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