Sunday, April 13, 2014

Breaking Up is Hard to do - But Sometimes Necessary

By now I'm sure you've all been through the hoopla of Facebook and how it's gone downhill. Especially in terms of pages. 

You can't get new fans without paying to promote your page. And the people who like your page don't see your posts unless you pay to boost them. 

I'm not sure what happened to free social media, but it's plain to see that Facebook doesn't come up to par anymore on that front. Too worried about their bottom line. It's all about making a buck. 

Well. I say no more! 

I will use FB once in a while to email people that I have no other way to contact, be a part of events, and take over other pages once in a while. My page will probably only be updated now with release links, since it's connected to my twitter feed. 

Anyone else with me?

It's not with the hours poured into it for 10 people to see your post! 

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