Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Devil Knows

So, everything is set. My debut novel, The Devil Knows, is off to be published and should be available tomorrow sometime. I'll be sure to share any links as soon as they are available.

This book wasn't my intentional debut. But circumstances beyond anyone's control ended up changing my plans. You see, this book is extremely personal to me. I wrote it as a response to my helplessness and sorrow over someone that I love being diagnosed with cancer. I found out and everything just poured out and this book was created.

Now, I understand that our lives are not Megan and Anya's and that there won't be a fairy tale ending. But I hope that with this book, she understands just how much she has touched those who she meets. I don't know what my life would be like without her. I may not see or talk to her often, but when I do, it's fantastic. And she always knows the right mixture of giving motherly advice and telling me what I want to hear! LOL.

The joke is that she is so lucky to have her husband because she's a great guy, but no one says he's lucky to have her because she is a great woman. But it's true. She is wonderful and her family and friends are lucky, and better off, having her in their lives.

She doesn't know yet about this book and I cannot wait until I have it in my hands and am able to give it to her.

With that, yeah, I wish the books a certain amount of success, but it wasn't written with the intent to be a big success or a NYT best seller. It was written to express my love for someone I have known most of my life and the way that the world would be a little less bright without her in it. It's my way of telling her that her life means something to everyone she has ever met, that she's important and loved.


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